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To all who's been suffering

Our world has changed a lot,and it is so sad.due to our lives being changed and a lot of people suffering because of the effects of the pandemic, we are all caught and unaware of the sadness within ourselves. We are unaware of the sadness in the air and isolated from our loved ones everyday there's no happiness or joy in our lives today.

It's just another loved one who died, and the coronavirus lives among us every second. We try our best to struggle through this horrible storm by trying to stay safe and keep our lives warm, but it has brought us so much pain and hurt. There's nothing much to gain and our peace and love have all gone away and it is just a lonely tear rolling down my face and I have been crying inside this cold lonely old place. And all the pain running though me everyday. Coronavirus , coronavirus when will it all end.

I cry for the people who who lost their loved ones, the world has changed so much and we have lost so much. The pandemic has created a darkness which surrounds the world today and it's so cold and painful everyday. Our warm hugs and kisses have just all faded away, just like our loved ones fading away. And nobody to hold at night, nobody to whisper I love you too. And as a lonely tear rolls down my face, I try to smile and remember your beautiful face as coronavirus has slowly taken you away. But I promise you all, I'll love and pray for you who have been suffering from the coronavirus everyday.

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