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The Dompas and the Vaccine Certificate, How are they related. Opinion.

Many of the people who lived during the Apartheid era would remember a time where they had to carry a pass. This pass served many purposes and functioned like a Identification book for people of color. For a while now it seemed like that time was gone, however A new certificate that is being put out may change that. Here's how the Vaccine certificate relates to the Dompass and how it doesn't.

A blast from the Past :

In the past (specifically during the Apartheid period) Black people had to carry around a Dompass. This was an identification document that was used to allow them into some areas and restrict them from others. It also had applications in job opportunities too. The Dompass was a racist law and was eventually abolished. Which brings us to today. Let's discuss the vaccine certificate.

Let me state right now that the vaccine certificate is not a racist things. It's in no way meant to be biased towards people based on race. However like the Dompass, the vaccine certificate may be used to restrict movement. While the restrictions of certain amenities are being discussed, if it's put into law, than people who do not have the vaccine certificate would not be able to use these facilities.

This law will be biased towards people based on their vaccination status. So while the Dompass and the vaccine certificate are not directly related, some of their purposes and goals are. Unfortunately this seems to be the world we are moving towards and while the vaccine is your choice at the moment, you could be coerced into taking it by the government restricting your movement. What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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