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Boil Banana For 5 To 10 Minutes Then Drink The Water Before Going To Sleep, This Is What Will Happen

WebMD: Diet/Health-Benefits-Boiled-Banana

Insomnia is a serious problem, thus many individuals take medicine to sleep better. Certain people struggle to sleep at night after a long day of work, which is unhealthy because the body and mind need rest. In some circumstances, these people are always fatigued due of lack of sleep and they have no control over their insomnia. Some of these folks need sleeping pills because they can't sleep without them.

They may now put away their sleeping medications because there is a home treatment that works for many people. So remedy will make you sleep naturally and wake up fresh.

If you suffer sleepless nights where you toss, turn, and stare at the ceiling, unable to fall asleep, or you wake up too early in the morning, giving your body little time to relax, there is a cure that will help you obtain better sleep at night. This home cure will address all your sleeping problems and won't cost much like sleeping drugs.

Banana tea should be consumed one hour before bed to aid in deep sleep. Two cups of water and a banana should boil for a few minutes. Once the banana peel is dissolved, pour the water in a cup and let it cool before drinking. For best benefits, consume it an hour before bed. You'll sleep like a baby after drinking banana tea. If you don't have a banana, use the peels to brew tea.

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