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Revealed: Why Your Nails Become Damaged, Its Treatment And Prevention

Some individuals frequently realize that their fingernails and toenails deteriorate as a result of harm to them. This illness is caused by a bacterial infection known as Paronychia.

Paronychia is an infection-induced inflammation of the skin surrounding the fingernails and toes. It might happen all at once or gradually.

Trauma, irritation, or infection of the nails produced by bacteria entering a damaged skin around the curticle or nail folds may all cause nail inflammation.


Paronychia is classified into two categories, which are as follows:

1) Paronychia Acute

2) Paronychia chronic


It is an infection that develops on the fingernails as a result of biting, picking, manicures, and other activities. The infection is caused by Staphylococcus and may spread quickly.


This illness is caused by a variety of infectious agents, including candida yeast and bacteria. It progresses gradually over time. It usually affects persons who deal with water a lot because moist skin and excessive soakings of the hands and legs in water disturb the natural barrier of the curticle, enabling germs to grow.


- Skin redness around the nails

- Alteration of nail form, color, or texture.

- Detachment of nails

- Skin tenderness around the nails

- Pus-filled blister.



- Candida yeast

- Bacteria and candida together


The following are some treatment options for this medical condition:

1) Soak the damaged nails in water several times a day to dry them out if they contain pus.

2) Drain the pus to promote healing.

3) The doctor may prescribe antibiotics and creams.

4) In severe circumstances, surgery


- Maintain good hygiene.

- Avoid nail stress such as biting, picking, and so on

- Avoid prolonged contact with water and wet situations with your hands and legs.

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