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Large number of unvaccinated people aged 50 plus are likely predicted to die in this fourth wave

“A large number of unvaccinated people aged 50+ are predicted to die in this fourth wave,” said the Gauteng health department.

The fear mongering has to journalists are complicit in whatever outcome this vaccination drive will end up in....only time will tell whether you will be heroes or villains. I hope you all can live with that

Ever since there was covid/vaccine, petrol price keeps going up even though many people lost their jobs but keep vaccinating and receiving those vouchers, its

The prospect of people needlessly dying, breaks my heart. The comms are *hopelessly* inadequate and clunky. We need a testimonial and peer influencer campaign. It's clear the current approach is eclipsed by disinformation

 vaccinated but i do not like this side of our media. Dying is not a new thing. Everyone is going to die. Hell even right now someone just died with Covid-19 and fully vaccinated. The other one died the way we know people die. None is exempted from dying. Vaccine Mandates continue to fail across the globe, because they violate the rights of citizens to make choices regards their bodies. Personally I want to jab and recommend it, but I've been sick with flu 4ever and can't vax in this condition, especially with my comorbidities.

This obsession of going an extra mile to "save the unvaccinated from dying" is tiring https://now.You even go as far as doubling the vooma vouch to lure them to take the vaccine. Let people die naturally, it is clear they don't want to take the vaccine. Stop forcing them

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