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(Video) See Why This 10-Year-Old Boy Eats His Cloths, Mattress And Also Ages Too Fast

Most times in life we end up in conditions where we are helpless, as a result of a sick loved one. That is the situation of Anastasia the mother of 10 years of age boy who eats his own clothes, and ages quickly. 


His name is Mungisha and he is 10 years of age. Despite the fact that he is 10 years old, he looks older than his age. He gobbles up his own clothes and beddings.

As indicated by his folks everything was fine, from the pregnancy stage so they were anticipating a healthy child. Furthermore, after his birth the child looked normal and was also healthy. However, It was unfortunate that years after his birth he began to carry on crazy attitude and lost weigh. He also quit laughing with any one and started to lose more weight continuously. 

She said they took their child to various clinics however every one of the specialists never mentioned to her what wasn't right with their child and after some time he started to eat his materials and the bedding he rests on which made them believe that he additionally has mental issues. Pills were given to him to cause him to feel better yet because of absence of cash the prescription couldn't be proceeded and his case turned out to be more terrible. 

See photos of his parents below;

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Anastasia Mungisha


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