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Obese people need Coronavirus vaccine the most - opinion

Daily Sun

ITALIAN scientists say that their study indicates that obese citizens require higher doses of vaccines. Scientists believe it's about defending them from Covid-19.

Scientists also warned the Pfizer-manufactured coronavirus vaccination could be less successful in people who are obese.

According to The Mirror, the researchers argue that this is because compared to healthier individuals, extremely overweight healthcare workers developed only half of the antibodies to defend Covid-19 after obtaining two doses of Pfizer Jab.

Antibodies are virus-fighting proteins that may resist coronavirus infections.

They are a big component of the immune system, although there are other sections as well.

This is a double loss to highly overweight individuals, since they are also known to be more at risk of being seriously ill or death once they catch the infection.

This is truly worrying as some of the reports say the vaccine might not be that effective to people with obesity. South Africa is facing the biggest problem ever, previously they had brought the vaccine that is not effective at all in South Africa.

Now the current vaccine might also not be effective to people with obesity.

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