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Covid-19, Brits can party in a pandemic

eNCA correspondant Olly Barratt has more #eNCA

Britz are partying it up in a pandemic, their lockdown regulations ended on monday. But was it the right thing to do

And has there been an increas in covid-19 infections since then. Pubs were allowed to open but they have limits

On customers sitting on tables and the limits of people in the premises and there were limits on how many beers you could have at the bar

And now you can operate the bar like you would have, but now the question is wherether we as yet been a rise in cases as a result.

It is really early to actually notice the increase or changes in numbers yet. In the past weeks we have seen the number of cases drop.

And that could be the large number of vaccinations in the country maybe the Britz are getting to a threshold. eNCA correspondant Olly Barratt filed this report courtesy of #Dstv403 #eNCA

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