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Opinion - l predicted that the disease will eventually become a burden to the poor

When the coronavirus saga started l predicted that the disease will eventually become a burden to the poor, little did l understand that science will be manipulated.

At that time l merely observed the draconian lockdown rules as a heavy load placed on the poor such as social distancing, washing hands, etc. Somehow the destitute were blamed for spreading the virus due to non-compliance.

Now with so much desperation to have the people vaccinated, there is a development in 'science' that clumsily links HIV and not just with infections but also with the different strains of the coronavirus.

This 'science' does not say much about strains that are found in other parts of the world, particularly in rich countries.

It is does not come as a surprise that the UK refuses to admit people from South Africa that are fully vaccinated. For many people, they do not realise that the jumping hurdles get elevated the poor are involved in heats to qualify as non-spreaders of the virus.

Inevitably, we will blame the poor (not referring to the drunkards and delinquents) for not understanding that “this is about saving them!” Why should they care as they stare death each day of their lives in any way?

What many people should be careful of not doing is to overburden the poor in their push to deal with the spread of the virus. People are suddenly expected to behave or listen to rules governing the lockdown. As dangerous as the situation can be, it is unlikely that they will have the propensity to listen to anyone, let alone stay at home when stomachs are empty. We forget that no boot of a soldier can stop 30 million hungry mouths.

These are people whom have generally been neglected, who die from hunger, poverty, crime, diseases and economic exclusion. They will defy any forceful attempt to make them to cooperate since they are surprised why they have become a centre of focus. They have grown not to trust anyone in their daily struggles to survive.

Somewhere Sipho is wondering: My poverty and lack of water was not serious enough to need everybody because my plight is not contagious? Why should I stay at home? He has always faced hardship alone and there was no one sent to stop poverty and hunger from infecting him. He is bruised and dead poor to care about anything.

The poor are probably asking each other: Why does everyone suddenly care about them now?

I rest.

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