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Acknowledge using healing through herbs, water and spirit

Acknowledge using healing through herbs,water and spirit

"**Spiritual healing through herbs ,water & spirit**"

Herb healing ...

All things require energy to come alive . So even herbs require energy to come alive so they could heal the same as water is prayed for to be able to heal and cleanse . 

-- the are 3 categories of herbs .

herbs that u buy at vendor or her shop and once you get home you just prepare and drink . Under guidance of someone else or with your own knowledge.

This herbs are able to help a person depending on the level of risk as in the threat is something that you could just use the energy of herbs only to deal with the problem .

This are herbs that you find prepared by someone else either at herbs shop or by a herbalist. this one you normally some people would just use them as they are.

but the correct way would be once you get home you connect with your ancestors. Pray for those herbs, wether holy water or herbs for cleansing your home.

You would ask your ancestors to give such herbs to power so that they could be able to do the work. But this is dependent on the level of threat and the type of enemies you are facing because this too has it's limits.

This would be herbs that you would get from a healer.this herbs are normally blessed before their picked up from the soil they come from or during the preparation of them .

The are several ways a healer could bless herbs by " connecting with your ancestors. so such herbs will normally differ from the other two processes and such herbs would also be some sort of family or ancestral formula on how to prepare them.

how to prepare them and other things , even which herbs to put together and how much.

Hence you hear many healers would never give the ingredients herbs or how to prepare them because this is something that is sacred to one always guard it at all cost as it has been in your family line for years .

So it same as tap water is just normal water until a pastor or bishop or prophet prays for it then after that it's not normal water is blessed water .

So even in traditional healing herbs are just herbs until a they are blessed or put together in a particular way and how much herbs to put together .

Sometimes you would even require herbs that are prepared by a healer through his or her ancestors .

It is the same way we differ from healer to healer , I when I consult I don't use bones , as you would know better I am medium . so I use hearing, sight, smell and feel that is how I am also able to conduct consultation very via voice or from a distance , so things are different .

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