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"Ask The Guptas" - Sickly 'Gupta-Puppet' Mngxitama Wants Donations

The OnlineNewzBible has reported quite extensively on the seemingly plummeting health status of Black First Land First (BLF) leader, Andile Mngxitama. The ever vociferous Africanist-Marxist recently emerged from his political sabbatical ahead of the Municipal Polls in which he contested to become the next mayor of Johannesburg.

PHOTO: Twitter

Visibly not looking fine, reliable sources close to him indicated that he had been in hospital fighting debilitating effects of a Covid-19 infections.

And quite curiously but interesting is the fact that during the pandemic's course, he was one of those who were peddling contrived conspiracy theories about the vaccines, saying they were being used by Western Forces to completely exterpite the black race from the face of the earth.

PHOTO: Twitter

Sadly, the invisible visited him in the night, which why we are here, in a situation whereby he supporters are profusely pleading with society to chip in resources that will be used to pay for his medical expenses.

Mngxitama recently broke his silence, giving confidence that he was approaching the final stages of his recovery process and that he will be soon return to perfect health.

Screenshot: Twitter

A tweet was making rounds on micro-blogging site Twitter this morning, which carried bank details that people can use to help fund of Mngxitama's expenses.

And numerous twitter accounts with vast followers quickly commented, with some making a commitment to chip into the account so that the man whomst is referred to as the modern day Steve Biko can be assisted.

PHOTO: Twitter

However, others on the opposite end of the spectrum somehow believe Mngxitama is a sell-out who thrown the country under the bus by showing support to the Guptas when they were pillaging and plundering the country's state coffers at the height of the state capture project.

As a well-known proponent of Radical Economic Transformation (RET), Mngxitama has not being shy to express his views about the state of the economy in the country, and he has been quoted ipsissima verba at many forums, rejecting the notion which seeks to suggest that Guptas are the creators of our many problems.

PHOTO: BusinessLive

And quite frankly, one can only feel sorry for Mngxitama, and as our people say, we cannot kick a man while he is down, perhaps South Africans should forgive him and give him a second chance by contributing towards his medical expenses.

He might just change.

What do you make of Mngxitama's difficult situation. Do you feel sorry for him?

Leave your comments in the comment section below, don't forget to share with your family and friends.

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