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Vaccine Hesitation From Parents To Children, NOW.

It seems like South Africans are not making a desired stride in, protecting themselves against Covid-19 through vaccine. It is due to and, primarily, the hesitation. Something drastic needs to be done.

This past week the children between twelve and seventeen of years old — it was their turn to got vaccinated. As usual with the vaccination hesitant emanated from adults — with children too, an element of hesitation did pops -up.

The parents/adults comprised of two different believes towards the vaccine. There's one group incline to (vaccinated), where's other one decline (not vaccinated). Considering both adults/parent's groups, it is obvious there would have been an inevitable hesitation — originating from the already hesitant-adults/parents.

Source/ > (Almost 7000 Children Receive Pfizer shot onfirst day for under 18's)

The problem of children-vaccine-hesitant it's likely to have more weight than the adults one's — due to parents who 're reluncted to take a jab themselves. It is highly unlikely for unjabed parents to allow their children to jab. At the same time it would, cause confusion particularly to children or even lead to less keen interest to jab if parents aren't.


Source/ > (South Africans Starts Vaccinations For These Aged 12&17 years)

The government should have stated clearly it's stance on the vaccine, rather than to came up with — no forcing to those who don't want to be vaccinated. This taking had a negative effect to many people which, left them with a hesitation mind-set. To them they contemplate 'not force' as to-vaccine it's not a necessity, you may not take a jab if you like.

Those in authority ought to tell what exactly to vaccine OR not to vaccine, PERIOD.

This phrase of, those who don't want to take a vaccine must not be forced — it's sort of double standard, kind of confusing. So it can't be a two way, it got to be ONE WAY.

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