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Get Vaccinated And Win A Car? New Joburg Mayor’s Strange Strategy To Get More Men Vaccinated

Ahh yes, of course. Obviously we have reached the "car free with your first vaccination" pandemic. The Mayor of Jolidee Matongo may have attracted attention with this latest statement, but the newly elected politician says he really wants more men in South Africa to be affected by COVID19. Men in Gauteng are lured with "vaccine incentives"

That means, of course, to get the public to take part in the introduction of the vaccine by all means possible. It is time to try to "incite" reluctant men. Overall, women in South Africa have a higher vaccination rate than men; But the alarm bells are ringing louder in both Gauteng and Johannesburg. Flat tires - a cause for concern among local government structures. 

The mayor of Joburg is interested in the politics of "Hit hit, win a car" 

The fewer people vaccinated, the less chance South Africa has of ending the lockdown quickly and effectively. in something that seems a little left over. 

Door-to-door vaccination 

Following Prime Minister @David_Makhura's call to increase vaccinations, we took to the streets with mobile health facilities to bring vaccines to our residents' doorsteps. The Mayor of Joburg has confirmed that one possible way is to give away "raffles" for every gentleman who shows up in Gauteng to be vaccinated. By partnering with the auto industry, Matongo hopes the cars can be given away as prizes for the lucky winners who fuel the need for a vaccine. 

Provincial Prime Minister David Makhura was also reportedly involved in the discussions: “We spoke to Prime Minister of Gauteng earlier about what are the incentives, what can we do? Competition to get the auto industry to donate a car, then the men who get vaccinated get a ticket and take part in a raffle.Those are some of the creative things that can be done. "

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