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Laughter is the best medicine. Laugh out your sorrows

Everything is nice until they hit you in the face with this ball Guess the subject she is teaching. I can not guess, but I know whatever subject she is teaching must be a home language Oledi:" Stop going to Thabo's house"

Khabo Thabo:

Imagine not going there because of someone who can not give you even 1 litre of a drink

Whites: Wow so beautiful

Blacks: If this glass breaks we are all dead Imagine Monday morning back in primary and you are standing at assembly with this chiskop. I know the pain

Jiki jiki the car starts moving while you are still withdrawing, kanti it's being hijacked. I do not even want to imagine the pain Sir, at the back answer please.

Me at the back not even knowing. At that moment you do not even know what subject he is teaching

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Khabo Thabo


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