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Check out why this Sangoma caused a stir on social media

Sangoma is a highly respected Zulu healer who diagnoses, prescribes, and frequently performs rituals to treat a person physically, psychologically, emotionally, or spiritually.

In most frequent practices, rookie sangomas wear simple strings of white beads around their heads, wrists, elbows, and ankles, but experienced senior healers have the right and privilege to wear more sumptuous and sophisticated bead work with a variety of colors and materials, including feathers.

Psychosis, headaches, intractable stomach pain, shoulder, neck difficulties, short breath, swollen feet and waist issues, or illness that cannot be cured by traditional ways are all indicators of a sangoma being "called" to heal.

Someone who has received ubizo (calling) from their ancestors to become a healer must go through ukuthwasa (initiation). It has existed in the African society for millennia. Ubizo is commonly misconstrued and associated with "possession" or "bad spirits" due to the symptoms that arise.

There are many celebrities who are sangomas with the likes of Boity and many more , many people expect the sangoma to be an old lady or man and lately young people are taking over, like this lady who posted this picture and caused a stir on social media


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