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'' I swear there's no virus in my country'' Twitter reacts to these images

image source: Twitter

Twitter is questioning whether the Corona Virus is still present in South Africa, after witnessing political parties gathering to launch their manifesto this past weekend. The gatherings where packed with no social distancing in place.

image source: Twitter

Are these people not afraid of the virus? these are the kind of questions tweeps kept on asking and some even commented on to say ''what happened to the 4th wave? is it postponed?''and another one added ''apparently the virus has been put on hold, basically postponed until further notice.''

The political parties are to lead by examples because now the general people will eventually assume that once one is vaccinated the Corona Virus is no longer infectious. Which is of-course not true because in an address to the nation on 12 September 2021 Ramaphosa said “We know that a vaccinated person can still be infected and can still pass on the virus to others. Most importantly, people who are vaccinated against Covid-19 are far less likely to die of the disease,”

Below are photos of a Shembe church march gathering

image source: Twitter

There were also a gethering of the Shembe church in Durban where the people were peacfully marching on Tuesday 28 September 2021. There were no social distancing in this gathering too.

'Take it from political gatherings, Cyril have been in and out of most parts of the country, we are being scammed here, covid exist when it suits them, rules applies to ordinary citizens' a Twitter user commented

People on social media now believe that the COVID-19 restrictions are only implemented when it suits them. But the people are supposed to vote, it is mandatory that the election take place no matter what, this is a democratic exercise. What can be done is to follow the Covid-19 protocols to decease the infection, people must wear masks, maintain social distancing, vaccinate and sanitize.


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