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Ways to remove fish bone if it gets stuck on your throat

Swallowing a fishbone is a common occurrence, especially for people who eat a lot of fish. Though fish bones are often small, oddly shaped, and sharp, the bone will usually Ways to remove fish bone if it gets stuck on your throat pass through the digestive tract without any issues. However, some people may end up with a fishbone stuck in their throat.

If this occurs, the lodged bone can cause discomfort and panic, though it is not usually painful. Due to the common nature of this occurrence, many established methods can help dislodge the fishbone from the throat

What does it feel like?

If you have a fishbone stuck in your throat, you’ll probably feel it. You may also experience any of the following symptoms:

tingling or prickling sensation in the throat

sharp pain in the throat

tenderness in the throat or neck


difficulty swallowing or painful swallowing

spitting up blood

Here are ways to remove it:

1. Eat bread or cooked rice

This technique works similarly to the banana. You should take a piece of bread and then dip it in milk. When it is quite wet, you should squeeze the bread and make a small ball that can be swallowed whole. Once swallowed, the breadsticks to the fishbone and can help to push it into the stomach.

Other foods that can be ingested to loosen the spine are well-cooked rice or potatoes because, even though they are soft, they can stick to the bone.

2. Cough hard when you first feel the bone in your throat. You'll likely have this response automatically, as your body wants to get that thing out of there! Let your body do what it's supposed to do by coughing hard in response. The fishbone may just pop out of your throat.

3. Try flushing the bone out with water. Try drinking several large gulps of water. Try to down a whole glass. The force of the water on the bone may help it slip down your throat into your stomach.[6]

Other liquids will work just as well, such as juice or milk

4. Marshmallows

It may sound strange, but a big gooey marshmallow might be just what you need to get that bone out of your throat.

Chew the marshmallow just enough to soften it, then swallow it in one big gulp. The sticky, sugary substance grabs onto the bone and carries it down into your stomach

5. Drink Olive Oil

Another thing you can try is to soften the fishbone stuck in the throat. In a glass of water, boil a handful of olives. Drink the liquid while it is warm so that the bone can be softened and possibly taken down the esophagus. You can also try drinking warm olive oil to provide lubrication.

Fishbone stuck for more than 24hours has been shown to result in an increased complication rate. If there are symptoms such as fever, blood-stained saliva, or chest pain, it could lead to serious complications. Please head straight to see the ENT specialist or Emergency Department


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