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She Didn't Know She Was Pregnant Until She Gave Birth (Fiction)

I know this might sound like something from a horror movie but it is absolutely true and it is somewhat common and this kind of situation even has a name, it's called 'Cryptic Pregnancy'.

A young English woman called Klara Dollan who was 22 then, spent the whole pregnancy period without a clue that she was actually pregnant.

Until one day when she was supposed to be starting a new job but she woke up early in the morning and she suddenly started feeling painful stomach cramps, but she just took it as period pains.

Klara fought through the pain and went to work as she didn't want to be absent on her first day at her new job, but a few hours later she was sent home for being sick.

When she got back home the cramps began to get worse and before she knew it she was in labour.

“My body was just telling me to push the pain away. Then I saw a head coming out.”

"I was in absolute shock.” - Said Klara Dollan

Klara was rushed to hospital after her neighbor heard her screaming and called the ambulance, her mother could not believe it when she found out that Klara had given birth as she didn't look pregnant.

Klara and her boyfriend broke up five months before Klara gave birth, so just imagine the look on his face when he found out that she had a baby.

Klara Dollan gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Amelia.

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