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SAD PICTURE: This Is What Nyoape Users Put Themselves Through For The Drug

Drug abuse is something that is a huge problem in our society, especially in communities where people of colour live.

 The use of some chemicals to produce pleasurable effects on the brain is referred to as drug misuse or substance abuse. Over 190 million people use drugs worldwide, and the problem is growing at alarming rates, particularly among young adults under the age of 30.


Abuse substances are usually psychoactive medications that are taken by people for a variety of reasons, including:

Curiosity and peer pressure, especially among students and young people, are common.

Prescription medicines that were supposed to be used for pain relief may have evolved into a recreational activity and become addictive.

Chemicals may be utilized in religious ceremonies or practices.

 Drug addicts who use needles are in danger of developing HIV and hepatitis B and C infections, in addition to the long-term harm to their bodies that drug addiction causes.

In South Africa, a lot of young people abuse drugs, and their circumstances and living backgrounds also play a huge role in this. The drug that they mostly use is called Nyoape and a lot of people in our community have easy access to it. This drug has destroyed a lot of young lives, and today they are unfortunately not progressing in life and the only thing they are working towards is a smoke for the day.

A sad picture trended on Facebook after a social media user shared how Nyoape users inject themselves with the drug. In the picture, you can see the bruises the users left us because of all the injections they did.

It is important that young people in our communities are educated about the dangers of drug abuse and also how it can ruin their lives, and even lead to death.

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