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OPINION: This Is What Must Be Done To You If Continue To Refuse Vaccination

What must be done to those who continue to those who refuse to vaccinate?

First, it must be understood what vaccinations are and what they seek to do.

This is not the first time in world history that we have had a world wide viral pandemic.

The deadliest pandemic in history was the bubonic plague, which killed about 200 million people before the world population got heard immunity. Bear in mind the world population was relatively small back then.

Almost every other pandemic since then was eradicated through vaccination.

And it's not just pandemics, but many other viral epidemics that were killing children in numbers.

For example; Children who vaccinated against whooping cough, diptheria, tetenus, measles, mumps and TB usually do not get sick from those diseases, whereas in the past these diseases killed a lot of children under the age of 5years.

Therefore, vaccines do work, and they do prevent serious illness or death.

In respect to the coronavirus, vaccines are basically our hope in returning to normal life.

We will never fully return to a normal life as long as there is a significant amount of the population that doesn't want to get vaccinated.

We will forever be going through lockdowns that cost is jobs and depreciate the economy.

In England, life is back to normal. Even their football games are played Infront of full crowds, whereas in South Africa, stadiums are still empty, social distancing still applies, and we will use saniatizers.

Therefore, those who choose not disease over health, those who choose lockdowns over normal life, those who choose chaos over order by not vaccinating must bear that burden on themselves.

They and they alone should be locked up in their houses, prevented from buying or selling, or doing business or working. They must experience the full might of the lockdown on themselves.

Therefore, I fully support the idea of vaccine passports, so that those without them, those who refuse to vaccinate; can live in lockdowns while the rest of us live life more normally.

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