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Alan Van De Merwe Could Lose His Job Because Of This - Mzansi Reacts

Although many places are being reopened we are still facing a pandemic and there are still procedures to be followed because this virus still exists. This it's such a touchy matter because there is a lot of controversy surrounding the vaccine and it seems like the vaccine is now being imposed on people which is infuriating many. Taking the medicine should be a choice as it was stated in the beginning and people shouldn't be excluded from the economic activities just because of the choices they make.

Since the vaccine is considered to be effective in protecting people and making the virus less severe if someone is infected, then those who feel like they have a strong immune system should be learnt to be. SA-born Alan van der Merwe is a long-time Formula 1 medical car driver. His career could be on the line after contracting Covid a second time, and for not wanting to take the vaccine.

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Alan Van De Merwe Covid


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