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Good News: A Man From London Cured of HIV - full details

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According to the dailysun, a man from London appears to be cured from HIV after a stem cell transplant. 

The medical doctors have reported that the man is the second apparent success using the stem cell transplant procedure, after a Berlin patient. 

Timothy Ray Brown, a patient from Berlin but he is originally an American man who got treated in Germany Berlin. Timothy Ray Brown is still free from HIV after he suffered for 12 years living with the virus. 

Even today, Timothy Ray Brown has been reportedly to be the only person thought to have been cured of infection with HIV, the virus that leads to Aids. 

However, the transplant procedure is very dangerous and reports says that it has failed in other patients. They tried to cure many millions already but they failed. 

There's a patient that hasn't been identified, the patient was diagnosed with HIV in 2003 and he begun to use drugs trying to control the virus in 2012. The man developed Hodglin's lymphomas the exact year and he then signed an agreement to get a stem cell transplant the fight the cancer in 2016. 

On the other hand, doctors believed that the transplant from the London patient might not only treat cancer but possibly cures HIV infections. 

However, it's still early to tell people if the cure for HIV will be permanent or not. 

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