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A list of foods to boost gut health and improve digestion.

We all have had an a episode of a digestive issue. From stomach ache, diarrhea, constipation, nausea and vomiting these symptoms are the most common digestive issues one may face in their life time. Almost these symptoms are not pleasant and can be linked to the type of food you consume. One way to improve your gut healthy is to eat the right type of food for your digestive system. In this article we will look at a list of the best foods to boost gut health and improve digestion.

1. Almond. This is a good snack and great for your gut.

2. Kefir. It contains probiotics.

3. Blackberries

4. Asparagus. It contains probiotics.

5. Flax seeds. Have a laxative effect.

6. Oats. A good source of fiber.

7. Turmeric. It is highly anti-inflammatory.

8. Sweet potatoes. It contains a lot of vitamin A.

9. Mint. It will help relieve stomach pain.

10. Cheese. Has good probiotics.


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Almond Asparagus Blackberries Kefir


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