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How high blood sugar breaks down the Immune System

Very few people know just how crucial good blood sugar levels are for a healthy immune system.

There has never been a better time to make sure our immune systems are working at their best.

The fact of the matter is that if we do not manage our blood sugar levels properly, it can seriously damage our immune system which opens us up to all kinds of viruses and diseases. 

At times like these, our top priority should be to keep our immune systems as strong as possible – not buying toilet paper.

How do high blood sugar levels damage the immune system?

White blood cells are the ant-bodies our body uses to fight infection and illness. But when there is too much glucose in the bloodstream (high blood sugar levels) the white blood cells do not work nearly as effectively as they should. When the white blood cells are working ineffectively, the immune system becomes weak and the body cannot protect itself against viruses or other diseases, and cannot heal itself properly when sick. 

How do I know if my blood sugar levels are high? 

* Finding it difficult to be fully alert after 20 minutes from getting out of bed.

* Feeling it is difficult to start the day without something like coffee, tea, a cigarette, or something sweet.

* Often feeling sleepy and in need of a nap during the day, especially after eating something.

* Refraining from exercise due to a lack of energy.

* Often getting headaches. 

* Suffering from unexplained night sweats.

* A dry feeling in the mouth.

* Constant thirst.

* Frequent urinating, even waking up during the night due to the need for urination.

* Blurry vision.

* Dry and irritated skin.

* Fatigue or tiredness.

* Loss of weight.

* Becoming hungry more easily

How can we get blood sugar levels under control and improve our immune system?

Eat right

Eating healthy and maintaining a healthy weight. 


Increase physical activity, even just by doing 30 minutes of exercise 4 times a week. But do not overdo it.


Drink plenty of water, the rule of at least 8 glasses a day is a good and easy one to follow.

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