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South Africans May Expect Another Lockdown And Alcohol Ban During The Festive Season

Lockdowns are something that many people in the world are getting used to. It is becoming a normal part of life because of the coronavirus pandemic that the world is currently dealing with.

The pandemic that spread last year worldwide has changed so much and how life used to be. It also had a great impact on the countries' economies as well as the healthcare system. People were forced to live in unfortunate circumstances so that the pandemic and the maintenance of the virus could be dealt with. When

the first cases of COVID-19 were announced, the country did not immediately go under lockdown, and the cases that arrived in South Africa were of people who had traveled to different parts of the world and came back, which is why the country still has its current COVID-19. But if the government noticed that there was a rapid rise in the number of infections, the president decided to implement a level 5 lockdown in the country for the month. All outside functions came to an end, and the only time that they could go out was when they went to go shop for essential products or if they were essential workers.

Many people lost their jobs when the lockdown levels were finally reduced, but there was a rapid increase in the number of cases in which certain industries were closed, such as the alcohol industry, and because it is such a large industry and has such a large impact on the growth of the economy, many people who sell alcohol lost millions of rands as well as variant has been discovered in South Africa, and the number of cases is increasing now that the festive season is over.

There are discussions concerning another lockdown as well as an alcohol ban. It has not been finalised yet, but many believe that before the 7th, alcohol in the country might be banned, and there might be another harsh lockdown. Today, a meeting will be held by the President and the national coronavirus council to discuss how they will go forward now that a new variant is here. 

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