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Toothache has no cure but these 5 natural remedies can give you a break from the constant pain

Toothache is dreaded by many people. Both young and old can give different testimonies when it comes to having an aching tooth, but one thing they would all agree on is that toothache can drive you crazy.

The best cut for toothache is visiting a dentist and have the troublesome tooth pulled out, but for many people visiting a dentist is another scary thing. But it doesn't mean you have to sit back and suffer just because people tell you that there is no cure.

There are many ways you can make toothache more bearable or even stop it completely until it comes back another time. Luckily those ways or remedies which helps neutralise tooth pains are right here on this page, all you need to do is keep reading.

Without wasting anymore of your tie let's get to work preparing your remedies. Son of these remedies won't stop the pain, but will surely reduce its effects to a more tolerable level.

5 Salt and water mixture

For most of the pains we might feel inside our mouths salt and water solution is always the best option. When experiencing toothache rinsing your mouth with warm salt and water solution might relieve joy of your suffering. Did you Know that salt is a disinfectant, which means it an treat wounds inside our mouths as well as inflammation. It also has the ability to remove things stuck in our teeth.

4 Onions

This is nother natural remedy with anti inflammatory qualities in it. Onion also has microbial qualities that reduce swelling and also ease pain in your mouth. To use this method you need to place a slice if onion between your teeth and chew hard on it. If this does not completely block the pain it will surely reduce it to a tolerable level.

3 Garlic

Dental plaque is caused by a bacteria and garlic is highly effective in fighting this troubling bacteria. It is it's anti-bacterial substances that makes it the most effective weapon in the war against bacterias in your mouth. Garlic is known to relieve pain, so when you are troubled by toothache, chew on a garlic slice. Another way you can use garlic is by applying it straight on the affected tooth, it's more effective when mixed with a bit of salt.

2 Cold Compress

Pressing a cold towel against any painful area in your body always helps a great deal. Teethache can also be dealt with this way. All you need to do is apply a cold and damp towel against the painful area of your cheek as a result of toothache. This method helps blood vessels to constrict reducing whatever pain there is in the area.

1 Guava leaves

Do you understand how good a mouthwash Guava leaves are. If you feel any pain in your mouth, chewing on guava leaves or washing your mouth with them is advisable. These leaves are not only good at relieving an aching tooth, but they have the ability to protect your teeth from decaying. Using them regularly will result in a clean and healthy mouth.

If you are a toothache sufferer on of these remedies might be an answer to that problem, what's more helpful is that these remedies are all common household ingredients. I at you have all of them in your kitchen except Guava leaves which you an easily obtain.

Let me know what you think of these remedies on the comments. You can also add your own remedies and help millions of people who suffer from toothache. Please share and follow me.

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