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Skin Care

If You Have 2 Dimples At Your Lower Back, Here Is What It Means. [Unpopular Opinion]

Here's What Having Two Dimples on Your Lower Back Means.

Back dimples are the two dimples on your lower back. Dimples in the skin are caused by connective tissues that attach to the skin and pelvis.

Most of the time, these dimples are referred to as Venus's dimples, and it is believed that they will boost a person's fertility and good fortune.

Aside from the back dimples, there is another type of dimple known as sacral dimples that can be found. The sacral dimple, in contrast to the back dimples, is a single dimple that occurs just once. It is also completely innocuous, but it can be caused by a variety of situations, including:

1. Spina bifida Occulta: This is a condition where the spine does not fully enclose the spinal cord.

2. Tethered cord syndrome: This is a disorder that occurs when tissue attached to the spinal cord limits ability to move. This condition can make a child to be unable to control bowel movements.

The lower back dimple, on the other hand, is completely safe and typically appears at birth. Additionally, it is regarded as a symbol of female beauty and attraction.

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