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How to prevent mosquitoes and why they "sing" for you before sucking your blood

Even though female mosquitoes are the only ones that feed on human blood, the annoying buzzing sound that keeps you awake at night can be produced by either the male or the female of the species. However, they do this not just because they wish to irritate you; rather, they have very compelling reasons for acting in this manner that are entirely internal to them.

I done some study on this subject, and I'd like to dispel some myths regarding "singing" mosquitoes and give you some tips on how to prevent being bitten by them.

The noise is produced by their flapping wings.

In spite of the fact that it feels like an obnoxious tune is being played in your ears, mosquitoes are not actually singing to you. The rapid flapping of their wings, which may reach speeds of up to 250 movements per second, is what produces the sound. Another piece of study has demonstrated that mosquitoes are able to interact with one another through sound and even engage in what is called a "mating duet."

Wax in the ears is a known mosquito magnet.

Mosquitoes are drawn to odorous parts of the body, according to studies that have been conducted. Keep in mind that while we sleep, the only part of our bodies that is often covered by a blanket is our body, leaving our faces uncovered. The ears are one of the dirtiest parts of the body, which might explain why mosquitoes are drawn to them. Ears are one of the dirtiest portions of the body.

The mosquitoes are drawn to the warmth of the bodies.

In point of fact, a female mosquito searches for people by detecting body heat and perspiration with the intention of finding food to grow her eggs in order to feed on it. When we are asleep, the carbon dioxide that we exhale attracts mosquitoes to our heads, which is another reason why we may feel their bites and hear their buzzing near our ears.

This is how you may make sure that you get a restful night's sleep:

When you go to bed, you should dress in light-colored clothing rather than dark since dark hues are more likely to attract insects.

Think about getting a shower before bed to avoid getting sweaty throughout the night. You should also attempt to limit the amount of beer you drink and sleep in a room with a fan that moves quickly. In addition to that, populate your space with aromatic plants such as lavender, rosemary, and catnip. They act as natural deterrents to the bites of mosquitoes.

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