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“My Mother Took The Vaccine, Now She Is Having Blood Clot And Doctors Cannot Help” — Man Cries

A young man said that his mother recently went to take the Covid-19 vaccine as instructed by the government, but she is experiencing blood clots now, and doctors cannot help them. He is seeking for advice on social media how to go about the thing so that he can save his mother before things deteriorate. The young man posted, “My mom took Pfizer jab and on her recent visit to the hospital she was told by a Dr that her blood is developing clots. They took tests and we are awaiting results. What steps can one take if indeed these blood clots were created by the vaccine?”? As government moves to make the Covid-19 Vaccination compulsory or mandatory, some people who have not vaccinated before are now going for the vaccination, which may have prompted this woman to go for the vaccine. 

It should be noted that blood clotting is one of the adverse effects of the Covid-19 Vaccine, and several people have reported experiencing this. Another Twitter user lamented that how she lost her good neighbour to the effect of the vaccine because she developed blood clotting after she took the vaccine and was allegedly asked home to recover, only for her to die days later. She angrily stated, “My neighbour after taking Pfizer developed clots too, two weeks back the Dr said there nothing they can do with her condition the family must take her back and wait for the day she passed away Thursday. I hope your mother gets better”. Many people are complaining that the doctors and nurses, including health professionals, do not usually tell them about these side effects before taking the Covid-19 Vaccine. They also disclosed that the government always announce the good aspects of taking the vaccine, but will not educate the masses about the possible side effects of the vaccine. They revealed that this is the reason some patients are frequently shocked and unable to cope when they developed these side effects because, they were not educated about it. Sometimes, fear and trauma kill, not only Covid-19. This is a reality. 

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