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Woman Who is HIV Positive Inspired Mzansi Whe She Said This

She is not shy to tell her story.

A South African lady living with HIV has touched the hearts of many with her story.

The woman, who calls herself the Minister of HIV, took to social media to share the amazing story of how she was able to conceive negative children with a negative partner.

"My partner and I managed to have kids without me infecting him, I am on arvs and my viral load is undetectable meaning I can't infect him for as long im virally suppressed he will remain hiv negative," wrote the woman.

Many people on social media were shocked to learn that it is possible to do what she had done.

"A lot of people are not aware of this. Tried explaining to my colleagues they thought I was crazy," wrote Vusi.

According to scientists, When a person is taking HIV treatment, and they have an undetectable viral load, the risk of HIV being passed on to their baby is just 0.1% (or one in a thousand).

After reading the comments I have realized that a lot of people needs proper education on HIV.

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