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Heartbreaking| HIV Positive People Should Expect This From Covid-19

Heartbreaking| HIV Positive Should Expect This From Covid-19

Date: 2021/09/15

It was reported by Bloomberg Markets that people in South Africa, who have Human Immune Virus should get vaccinated as quickly as possible because there was a study done by South Africa’s top Universities have to a conclusion that after looking at a 36-year-old woman, who contracted HIV and Covid-19 had the coronavirus living inside of her for more than 216 days and it mutated and created a brand new variant that was more deadly, as we already know that South Africa has a lot of HIV cases so it is better for the infected people to take their hits.

If people with HIV do not take their Jabs they should expect the coronavirus to mutate and cause them problems, because we all know how dangerous it is when the two combine, so people with pre-existing conditions are the ones at risk.

According to Bloomberg, the country has more than 8 million people living with HIV/AIDS and the number could be more because other people have not yet been tested and do not take their medication. South Africa is a country on drugs, 25% of the population is taking ARVs and that is a big number if you look at things in depth. Cyril Ramaphosa has asked people to go get vaccinated when he announced that we are now at level 2.

South Africans should start taking care of their health because if they do not want the worst will follow up, not just South Africans, even people that are coming from other northern parts of Africa because both the HIV pandemic and the coronavirus pandemic are still active and if we do not take action quickly we will lose a lot of our loved ones.

We should also have faith that we can beat all of these pandemics and not be projects to other peoples businesses, but we should also believe that covid have shifted a lot of people from their places of worship and got them really sick, but funny enough after all of these lockdowns a lot of people have still not been vaccinated but nothing has changed.


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