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Remember the fitness influencer Pearl Garavaglia, where is she now?

It seems like 2018 was one of the biggest years for fitness models to come into the scene, as we saw a lot of fitness models raise to fame, people such as Junior Khoza(Mr SBWL) and Tumi Seeco are two of the biggest male fitness models that became very popular that year. I'm sure we can all remember that also the supplement company Herbalife was not as popular as it is today in 2021.

There is one young lady that grabbed a lot of people's attention on Instagram and other social media platforms with her amazing fit physique and that lady is Pearl Garavaglia. Pearl is a fitness enthusiast who has a very large following on social media platforms such as Instagram. She is known for sharing fitness tips and advice to her followers on how to train and eat.

The young lady became a very popular fitness personality as time went on, today she has more than 500k followers on Instagram. What a lot of us probably did not know about her is that she is a track and field athlete, so that proves that she knows what she is doing in the fitness industry as she has the experience to back it up.

A lot of people used to be sceptical about her physique, and some people would even go as far as saying that she looked like she photoshopped her Instagram images. Well, it seems that people always find ways to hate on people who are doing great at what they are good at.

It seems like Pearl is a hardworking individual and her physique shows that. People who are making these bold claims about her are people who are just jealous of how far she has come as an individual and how much she has improved over the years.

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