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Beetroot helps in constipation, stop using tablets for constipation.

Beets Helps in Constipation

Beetroot is high in fibre. It is highly beneficial in regulating your digestive processes and easing the bowel movement to offer quick relief from constipation. Betalains present in beetroot is an agent thought to help maintain good overall digestive health.

Regular consumption of beet or beet products has been found to improve digestion and blood quality.

Some anecdotal evidence suggests that white beets can also open the obstructions of the liver and spleen, but research is limited. Red beets may be useful in treating illnesses related to the digestive system and blood.

In fact, red beets have a prominent place in history when it comes to abdominal health. It is believed that Romans used beets to treat constipation and other related ailments.

As they are rich in fiber, beets may help treat diverticulitis. It was found that populations ingesting high amounts of fiber had lower incidences of diverticulitis. Fiber also aids bowel movement and enhances the overall health of the digestive system.

Beetroot has also been found to reduce the oxygen cost of exercise. In tests conducted on exercising rats, beet juice supplementation was found to enhance blood flow to the limbs.

The vegetable may also improve exercise performance in individuals with peripheral artery disease.

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