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Truth Revealed | The Corona Virus Vaccines May Not Be Effective Against The New COVID-19 Variant

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On Thursday (25 November) South Africa received some bad news after it was confirmed that a new Corona Virus (Covid-19) variant called the 'Super-Variant' was detected in the country, according to the health experts in South Africa, the new Covid-19 variant could be more infectious and potentially more deadly that any other previously detected Covid-19 variants.

There is even some more bad news as the South African health experts also said that Corona Virus vaccines may not be effective against the new Corona Virus Super-Variant...

"Experts in South Africa say they don't know if vaccines work against this particular variant." - eNCA.

The United Nations (UN) has also responded after the reports of the new Corona Virus 'Super-variant', and the UN has officially given the new variant a new name of 'Omicron', and they have also called it a 'variant of concern' due to the dangers it posses by being more infectious that other variants.

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