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Tony Yengeni says "I hate to say. 'I told you ' about these vaccines"

Vaccines have been around for some time now. And we have different vaccines serving different purposes. However, there has never been a time when people talked at great length about vaccines, like now, since the world learnt of Corona Virus. In this era of Corona Virus pandemic, we witnessed many people engaging in heated debate vaccines. Many things have been said about vaccines.

However, at this juncture, those things that people have been saying won't be enumerated here, for obvious reasons. What can be said is that there's some indication that people will continue to talk about vaccines for as long as the corona virus pandemic persist. It must be remembered that vaccines as already alluded above, have been around for many years now.

In the meantime, Tony Yengeni who needs no introduction because he is widely known, has also weighed in on this subject matter vaccines. Admittedly, Tony Yengeni's tweet will most certainly leave many people with more questions than answers. And to some considerable extent, many people will react with mixed reactions, because Tony Yengeni's tweet is indeed lacking in details.

In his own words, Tony Yengeni said the following on his official Twitter "I hate to say.' I have told you ' about these vaccines"

As readers can see from the quoted tweet above, Tony Yengeni at this juncture didn't disclose what he has told people about vaccines.

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