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Hernia: Everyday Habits That Puts You At A Greater Risk Of Suffering This Condition

The most common causes of hernias, particularly inguinal hernias, are weak pelvic muscles and an abnormality in the lower abdomen. However, there are some factors that more than double one's risk of developing hernia whether or not he or she would have suffered from the condition. People who frequently experience hernia were born with weak abdominal muscles.

So, in this article, in keeping with a post on Medical News Today, we'll take a look at some of the daily habits that increase a person's risk of developing a hernia. Simply relax and read this article to learn something new.

What Are Some Routine Behaviors That Increase the Risk of Having a Hernia?

1. Excessively contracting the lower abdominal muscles while using the restroom. Particularly among those who already experience problems with their lower abdominal muscles, constipation and straining when using the restroom increase a person's risk of developing a hernia. If your lower abdominal muscles are already weak, exerting too much strain could cause some of your intestines to bulge out and develop a hernia.

2. Overexertion - Physical activity that puts a lot of strain on your abdominal muscles can also cause a hernia.

For this reason, we are constantly urged to avoid raising heavy objects abruptly, prepare the body before attempting to hoist or move big objects, and limit our participation in labor-intensive tasks.

3. In people who already have weak abdominal muscles or walls, frequent coughing is a daily factor that can result in a hernia. Therefore, to prevent some of the intestines from bulging out of the abdominal wall, don't constantly cough strongly or strain yourself when coughing.

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