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Bad News for Hubbly Smokers, L00k where this lady ended up after many years os smoking

Mzansi people are suffering from smoking. Here is a picture of a hubby smoker who ended up hospitalized. 


People say, "It doesn't matter if it's hubbly or cigarette, they're all dangerous, and they even write warnings in the packets.... These companies make money off of your life, so it's up to you whether you take care of yourself or not." Understand that you'll eventually create a disease on your own that you were supposed to prevent. Yes, I agree, but why create your own death or limit your life because of such things?Ai Maan people are ignorant.



That thing has black molasses and it was never meant to be inhaled. It was made by assassins for meditation and only to blow puffs before going to war. Let me tell you Des. One puff of hubly equals seven normal cigarettes. Keep on smoking and lying to yourself. Think that it is healthy smoking.

Hookah has 0.5 nicotine content.There are shisha-free brands like Space Smoke. And what leads to infection is the use of quick light coal, which contains gun powder, hence the headaches. True man, in June I spent a week in the hospital due to pneumonia. It was later discovered that it was caused by hubbly. That thing nearly killed me. I owned three pipes, "said a Facebook follower.


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