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A Proudly South African Vaccine is being developed, But will people trust it.

Vaccine hesitancy in South Africa is very high, with many people choosing not to take the vaccine. This is because of conspiracy theories that either state the vaccine is dangerous or that it's a world conspiracy. However, while many South Africans do not trust vaccines sent from other Countries. Will they trust one that's currently being developed in our own Country. Here's what you need to know.

A vaccine is being developed at home :

Afrigen is a Cape Town based biotech company that has recently started working on a South African made vaccine. They are doing this to fight of vaccine inequality around the continent. Vaccine inequality is where some areas do not get access to enough vaccines and cannot keep themselves safe. They currently have the approval of organizations like Covax and the World Health Organization. While this can be beneficial to stopping vaccine inequality, I see another purpose for it. Here's how the vaccine may be beneficial to South Africans.

Trust in our own people :

I believe that even though people do not trust international vaccines because of the conspiracy theories, maybe they will trust something that South Africans just like them have developed. As we have developed the vaccines in our own Country, no international conspiracy theories for control, brainwashing or tracking the people can be attributed to it. This may be what's needed for more people to take the jab. Here's my opinion.

My opinion :

In my personal opinion I believe that this could help, but the choice should remain that of the people. People shouldn't be forced to take the vaccine, however they can be convinced if it comes from trusted sources. What do you think, would you trust a Proudly South African Vaccine. Tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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