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Consequences Of Urinating In The Shower While Bathing That You Should Know About ASAP

Some strange habits occur naturally to man. There may be things that they grew up or something that they learned as adults. Most of us like the trend; I have included it as one of them. After some research, I found that this trend has its effects. Do not pee quickly under the shower while you shower, and do you think it is normal. It has its effects and trends that may not stop there. Many people have a habit of urinating or urinating while showering. This is because many people shower in the morning and therefore choose not to use the toilet first, but only to shower once. This is because they believe urine is a liquid so it can flow quickly with water.

A Boston doctor named Dr Alicia Jeffrey Thomas, a pelvic floor therapist sent Tik Tok a strong message against the dangers of urinating in the shower,

emphasizing that urinating in the shower sends a signal to your brain that when water flows, you will be thinking about urinating. This, she says, could have long-term effects that will push you to take control of yourself once you hear the water from somewhere. Don't you think this is a worse effect that sounds like addiction? Imagine if you just can't stop it. When it becomes a habit to urinate in the water, it has been found that there is an urge to urinate as soon as the water comes out. This has been reported in many people because their minds are simply building in bogus programs that sometimes become very uncomfortable. In another video, however, the doctor went on to explain that from time to time it was not possible to urinate in the shower, but that it should not become a habit.

On the other hand, peeing in the shower can be beneficial for people with difficulty. go to the bathroom of course. The heat of the shower water can cause urine to leak out easily, making it easier for them. Dr Alicia also concluded that she was just doing general analysis, but people are different. If you want to go into details, it is advisable to consult with your pelvic floor therapist. 

Otherwise, it won't do any harm but I recommend you do it well in your toilets rather than bathrooms, remember that urine is a waste product just like faeces, please dispose of it properly if necessary. and questions if possible. Follow my channel and share this information with your colleagues so that they too can get the latest news. Thanks for reading.

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