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5 Iron Rich Foods You Should Eat Regularly In Order To Stay Strong And Healthy.

Iron is a vital nutrient in our bodies. Iron deficiency is the most frequent nutritional issue worldwide, according to the WHO. Many people suffer from various illnesses and diseases due to a shortage of iron in their bodies. 

What occurs when your body lacks iron? 

Symptoms of an iron deficiency include: 

1. Fatigue.

2. Vomiting.

3. Loss of appetite.

4. Extreme weight loss.

5. Difficulty in breathing.

6. Bad skin tone.

Now that you know more about the vitamin known as Iron and why it is vital for you to consume it. Here are some foods rich in iron; 


Chicken is a great source of iron. It has 3.5 ounces of iron per serving. Chicken is also wonderful. Cooked, boiled, or grilled rather than deep fried in hot oil is significantly healthier. 


Beans are high in protein and iron. Sadly, most people despise beans. Beans come in several varieties including brown, black, navy, white, soy, and many more. And their nutrient content varies greatly. But one thing they all have in common is a lot of iron. 

Spinach or ugu leaf. 

Spinach, often called Ugu leaf in Nigeria, is an extremely nutritious vegetable. It can be used to make soups and sauces. No matter how you prepare it, spinach is a great provider of iron for your body. 

Liver and other organ meats. 

Liver meat is a form of meat obtained from animals and their liver organ. It contains 6.1 ounces of iron per serving, along with other beneficial vitamins and minerals. 


Just like chicken, turkey is another form of fowl that includes enough iron nutrient. Turkey meat is a delicious and healthful food. But it's not a popular meat. Turkey is usually eaten on special occasions. 

Source; MedinePlus, WHO and Webmd.

To stay strong and healthy, start consuming the foods suggested in this article. 

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