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Signs of cancer mostly ignored by women

The body of a woman can change as she grows. Women go through many changes, some of which may appear normal. In some cases, these symptoms may indicate the presence of cancer. 

Some of these modifications are as follows: 

1:alterations in the breast 

In many cases, a lamp on the breast does not necessarily indicate cancer; however, if you notice a lamp on your breast, consult your doctor. 


If you're a woman, you're probably aware that you bloat a lot after a heavy meal. However, if the bloating persists, consult your doctor; it could be one of the common cancer symptoms that many women ignore. 

3.changes in the nail  

Melanoma can be detected by a small brown vertical stripe in one of your toe nails. If you notice any changes in your toes, you should consult your doctor. 

4. Can't swallow    

It is normal to have difficulty swallowing, but if it occurs frequently, along with vomiting and weight loss, you may have stomach or throat cancer. Consult your doctor if the symptoms persist for more than a week. 

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