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Here are the Covid-19 Statistics for SA on Tuesday the 22nd of January 2022

Tuesday the 22nd of January was a different one in terms of South Africa's fight against the pandemic .This was because there were increases in terms of infections after a couple of days . The statistics that were released by the National Institute for Communicable Diseases revealed that there were 36 216 tests that were carried out in the previous 24 hours .More than 20-million Covid-19 tests have been conducted since 2020.

However , the number of new daily Covid-19 cases increased as compared to what was recorded in the previous 24 hours .Information received showed that there were 3197 newCovid-19 cases that were recorded on Tuesday . When compared to what happened on Monday , the present day figures increased .The new cases that were recorded on Monday were at 1332 .There was an increase in the positivity rate to 8.8 % on Tuesday evening .It is great to note that the positivity rate is still below the 10% mark , but behaviour is the factor that will be important towards maintaining a positivity rate that is low . There are basic protocols that need to be part of the behaviour of people . The measures may feel uncomfortable but getting used to them makes it easy . It for example should be part of the practices to wear masks always . Whether one will be going to meet a friend , lover , or work mate , it is advisable to wear a mask always .

They may be uncomfortable but you can always take a break when it is safe to do so . There are more than 3-million people who have since tested positive for Covid-19 since 2020 , and this shows how bad Covid-19 can be . Therefore , ensure that you take responsibility and protect yourself from getting infected .


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