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Benefits of Eating Celery

Celery has large amounts of plant hormones and essential oils, which gives celery a very characteristic smell. This plant has been popular down the ages and now it has the world ranging about its medicinal properties.

Stalks of this plant are served along with alcoholic drinks as it cures hangovers. It can be chewed on along with a dip or even by itself, it takes a while to get used to its aromatic taste.

Health Benefits of Celery

• To a cup of celery juice add a teaspoon of honey and can be taken as a bedtime drink.

• This drink helps to curb the appetite, thus aiding weight loss.

• The phthalides in celery bring down high blood pressure.

• Celery helps in removing kidney and gall bladder stones.

• The polyacetylene in celery helps in hydrating the system and removes toxins, reduces the inflammation in joints and aids in treating rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism, gout asthma and bronchitis .

• The juice of celery helps to fight cancer causing infections

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Eating Celery


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