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Dangers of HIV prevention pills you should know about

HIV prevention pill,take 1 everyday . It takes 7 days for it to be  fully active in your body .Only for HIV- peeps .Reduces risk up to 99% if used correctly.Available @ ur local clinics or hospital. use PrEp to protect urself coz no1 will just openly disclose their status to u

Please double check with your medical practitioner before going on PrEp, there’s a reason why they do a Kidney’s and Liver function test before they prescribe it to you. Do not damage your vital organs unnecessarily.

Well, even Panado has side effects. However they take some blood samples to make sure that your body can deal with ARVs. Tenofovir can be nephrotoxic. So, they won't give it to you if your lab work is not satisfactory.

Guys u can't just rock up in the clinic and say u want these pills,u have to be tested and ur blood must be check and u take them just like the ARV's

And you need to be regularly tested for kidney infections in addition to a blood test

Not as simple as it sounds.... The pill can destroy your kidneys, something you must regularly get checked once in a while if decid to be on this pill

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