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What's your SRD grant status

What to Do If Your SRD Award Application is Denied


SASSA R350 Award

Priest of Social Improvement Lindiwe Zulu

The South African Government retirement right hand Affiliation (Sassa) has really declared that just around 11.5 million individuals have applied for the Remarkable Coronavirus R350 Social Help of Torture (SRD) award. In the event that you have applied for the R350 SRD award and your application was declined, follow the means under to have your honor application reexamined.

Visit the SRD Site:

Stage 1: Discover the Application for Reexamination tab.

Stage 2: Snap on where it says 'click here to apply for reevaluation'.

Stage 3: You will be moved closer to give your ID number and Flexible number.

Stage 4: Follow the prompts to finish the reevaluation of your part.

Applications for the second illustration of Coronavirus easing up awards are now open. To figure out some approach to apply click here.

To have every one of the fundamental characteristics for the SRD award, you should...

Be South African tenants/unbelievably solid inhabitants/pariahs/cover searchers/holders of exceptional honors

Be jobless

Have no elective kind of pay or monetary help from another source

Be between the ages of 18 and 60

You can not get the SRD wonderful if you are a recipient of a substitute honor.

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The South African Government retirement associate Office (Sassa) has really broadcasted that just around 11.5 million individuals have applied for the Exceptional Coronavirus R350 Social Help of Misery award. In the event that their applications are maintained they will recognize their R350 award.

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Lindiwe Zulu R350 SRD South African


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