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"Ramaphosa lied to us about the vaccine "

There has been a lot of rumours about the vaccine being fatal. Vaccinations have been ongoing from the beginning of the Year up until now and there are still people who are afraid of getting the jab. The question now is,is majority of a South Africans still believe in conspiracy theories that are around the covid 19 vaccine.

The president in the beginning of vaccinations has mentioned that vaccination is not mandatory and nobody will be forced to take the covid-1 9 jab.But that does not seem to be the case now as people are required to vaccinate in the workplace and schools.

It is said that employers can choose to terminate their employees contract provided that the employee does not want to vaccinate.This implies that the covid-19 certificate is now a requirement to secure your job. This will of course lead to a lot to people who have been reluctant to vaccinate to finally vaccinate which to me seems like forced vaccination. My question now is are these strategies deliberately implemented to to draw people into vaccinating?

The issue of vaccination certificates is also getting serious which is putting people who still have the phobia to vaccinate at a corner and they find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place as they are now in a dilemma. It looks like people are finally going to face their fears and vaccinate.

Afterall it is in the health department's best interest to achieve herd immunity which will take our lives back to normal.I personally encourage people to get more knowledge about the vaccine and stop believing everything presented to them.Informed citizens will eventually act accordingly and do the right thing.

Meanwhile let us all obey the covid 19 restrictionsand keep safe.

What is your comment on this? Do you think the conspiracy theories are true or the vaccine is our true refuge?Kindly leave your comments below and share.

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