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A New MicroNeedle Vaccine developed | are people being implanted with devices as vaccines?

The vaccine has been distinguished as the best solution to the restrictions and limitations of the Pandemic.

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But the vaccine has various limitations because of the theories that surround it. There are lots of people who decided to not get vaccinated against the virus, the basis for the this refusal is various theories and the fears around from the things not known about the vaccine, the side-effects which of which few were lethal and the mild side effects that vaccines have.

The University of North Carolina, Hill and Stanford University is reported to have developed a Micro-needle vaccine patch which is reported to provide more effective immunity than the vaccines that we have at this stage.

The Microneedle is said to have been developed using 3D technique, A continuous liquid interface production.(CLIP)

The vaccine is reported to have applications and effects that vary from the traditional vaccines, it is applied painlessly by puncturing it in the skin and it eliminates the fear of needles that people have and is effective in providing immunity.

However the development of this microneedle has made people who hate the idea of being vaccinated reterate theories that they believed, that people are being injected with devices in the skin in the form of vaccine to track.

Please tell us your opinion, is this the fulfilment of the conspiracies which has been circulating, people being implanted with devices in their skin deceived as vaccine?

The rumors are that there are even companies that are starting to implement mandatory vaccination, the authorities are also implementing vaccine certificate, that only people vaccinated would be permitted various things such as visiting sporting events etc, Employers might also be asking for vaccine certificate as an eligibility for employment.

But people are asking if vaccines don't stop the spread of the virus, how is that mandatory vaccination is being implemented? The thing that stop the spread is measures.


Thank you reading.

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