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Covid-19 attacks various organs of the body

Current information is indicating that the coronavirus affects multiple organs in the body.

Speaking to Super Morning Show host Kojo Yankson, Thursday, Dr Justice Yankson said although one may recover from the coronavirus, “all tissues of the body in one way or the other would have been impacted by Covid-19.”

Dr Yankson responded to this, to previous information which only said that the coronavirus had spread throughout the human respiratory systems and other body tissues, showing that it had continued to target the respiratory organs in the recovery of some time after infection.

As further explained by Dr. Yanks, some of the lingering symptoms of Cov-19 can be different from person to person.

A variety of other serious effects that include difficulty breathing, muscle weakness, baldness, an overall feeling of tiredness, lack of concentration, loss of taste, memory, problems with mobility, poor or poor-functioning immune system, and an anxiety, as well as several more specific side effects, including physical and mental problems

Generally speaking, people with underlying health issues and problems are more likely to have an adverse reaction to this substance than healthy people.

The causes are said to be as a result of inflammation that one experiences through the various stages of coronavirus.

His comments were made after a study found that some men who recovered from the virus suffered from erectile dysfunction, according to a report by the Association.

Speaking to this, according to Dr. Yankowitz said while working at Children's stated, as many Covid-19 recipients may be unable to conceive or deliver children as previously pregnant women.

When cells within the testes that are supposed to produce this hormone are destroyed by Covid's overstimulation, you have reduced testosterone levels and can in turn have trouble sustaining an erection.

But the most crucial aspect of this particular cell is that is its connection to the production of sperm and all of it is that it is destroyed. The impact of science on fertility hasn't been proven, but science says that the future fertility of women and children could be affected even though it hasn't been shown yet.

Now, therefore, he strongly recommended that all those who have found post-Covidum signs after reading this book to see a doctor right away.

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