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The nurse that caught fire on twitter.

It seems there's no social media platform that can allow a person to be free and be who they are, there js a lady who recently posted a picture of herself on twitter but her picture it got a lot of comments on how people would only vaccinate uf she is the one giving injections. All around South Africa people on twitter started falling sick when6she posted her picture and they asked where she works so they can get admitted there. We living in a world were beauty is a need and people need people who are pretty and able to address them, without them being rude.

Nurses and Taxi drivers are considered to be rude people in mzansi by people as some have harsh words. But people on twitter believe that this one is better than the rest. Here is the picture she posted on twitter that got a lot of odd questions and people falling sick just so they can seek her attention.

We in a corona pandemic and nurses are considered to be our heroes since they are the one dealing with people who have covid, one of the restrictions of covid is to be 1 meter apart from another person but with nurses its not the case. They have to access their patients and make sure that they give them proper Diagnosis and medication so certainly at this tough time they are the heroes. They deserve the thanks just from the comments on twitter.

Here are the screenshots of comments from twitter after the nurse shared her picture.

Source : Twitter social media platform

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