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OPINION | What is it that makes every expert try to convince people to take the vaccine ?

Health experts said the emergence of the new variant identified by South African scientists is a by-product of unheeded warnings, about vaccine inequality that could prolong the Covid-19 pandemic even further ~ NEWS24

This virus is overhyped heard it been as severe as portrayed it could have ravished the black communities, think of high density areas like Hillbrow, Berea, Yeoville, a flat that accommodates millions who share one elevator. Think of Alex, Diepsloot, Soweto where people wear masks only when they go into shops or taxis or when they see police, and these people continue to be alive not even affected or infected we are not saying theres no covid but it's severity is exaggeratedSo government is actually saying that people that got vaccinated and have a vaccine passport have the freedom to move around and infect others, do they think we stupid. What is it that is in the vaccine that prompt every leader to convince people to take this thing that we don't know into our bodies? May God punish every person behind this corona and vaccines, because we are losing people we love and already lost members of our families and friends because of thisMaybe they want to live alone in this whole planet, are they crazy? He who made earth said be fruitful and multiply, them claim we are too many as if they control life. They are already rich, have everything they want, so what's the fuss? Let then leave us the poor live. Even the rich man in the bible didn't kill Lazarus but allow him to live until he dies his natural death not forced by anyone. These people are cruel and heartless to life. Worse the life of God in us, God can't make earth and fail to know it can accommodate even 20 billions of people. If we all die, who will they govern, who will they take pleasure to control, will theh enjoy this earth? no.

Abdool ppl are much more knowledgeable than before, so go and play golf or just get to the point, this is about the failing of global fiat currency and the reset to totalitarian rule with a digital currency, its the first time in history has that the in ineffectiveness of medicine is blamed on those not taking it, the vaccine passport is not a medical document but a gateway to a totalitarian state, where your whole life will be monitored big business is pushing more for vaccinations than anyone else in this country, when have they cared about you, because they provide access to the medical aid schemes paid for by your salary. Biden lost the bid to have all medical staff vaccinated by 4 January don’t be fooled ‘CRISPR’ is real, and time is running out, brace for a more extreme

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